Jim Kraft's models

The following is an excerpt from a page off the old server. For those that aren't involved with C/L, the Vintage Stunt Championship is a very large, annual contest held each year in Tucson Arizona. The event celebrates vintage designs, that otherwise wouldn't be commonly built and flown. The Old Time Stunt event is for planes designed and flown before December of 1952. Jim's Taurus with it's Anderson Spitfire engine, and spark ignition system, is a very unusual combination. It's a very rare treat to see and hear 1940's vintage technology like this flown.

"Here are a few photos from my escapades in 2006. The Taurus photos are from the Vintage Stunt Championship at Tucson, where I won first place in the spark ignition event, and also the Spirit of 46 award for the plane. The picture of the Ringmaster was taken after I won Old Time Stunt at the S.A.M. Champs in Muncie Indiana. This is a picture of me with my Taurus and the 2 trophys I won at Tucson. The one on the left with the engine on it is the Spirit of 46 award I won for the plane, and the other is for first place in flying." - Jim Kraft




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