Report on the July 20th 2013 Fun Fly

July 20th was the first third planned fun-fly in 2013 that wasn't weathered-out. Even then, the heat was oppressive at times but everyone got to fly and enjoyed the fellowship and nearly-calm wind.

About fifteen people showed, not all of whom flew.

Pilots were: Larry Geiger, Bill Basgall, Jim Kraft, Bill Hodges (and son), Rafael Flores, Perry Crowell, Marshall Stanton, Tom Mauch (and son), Dustin Murray. Club member Sid Ashen-Brenner attended.

Guests were Carl Redden from Gypsum and Robet Arnett from Hampton, Nebraska who flew a quad-copter.

Lunch consisted of brats, condiments and sides brought by club members.

Many flights, no crashes and good times.

Perry Crowell with the help of Dustin Murray, made a maiden flight with a sparkling new Hanger Nine Super Cub - beautiful.

Some photos show a portion of the planes.

----Marshall Stanton




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