Report on the June 16th, 2012 Fun Fly

An early-morning rain and strong wind hampered attendance. The road was muddy at 9:30 when I drove to the field. So few were present at noon that no lunch was cooked at the field. Only a few planes were flown by noon, but by afternoon a few more pilots, visitors and families showed up.

Larry Geiger brought coffee and doughnuts for early-morning entertainment (by late afternoon one sole doughnut was left).

As far as I can recall, here is a list of the persons who showed up.

Andrew Smith and his son flew three planes. His young son shows remarkable skills with their stubby electric.

Larry Geiger flew two electrics. He discovered the delights of quickly finding thermal and soaring with the buzzards with his electric sail plane.

Dustin and Donna were present. Dustin flew his 1/3 scale Cub and helicopter. Dustin helped several persons to fly the Cub via a buddy-box.

Two visitors were present from Lindsborg (pilots but didn't bring airplanes).

Bill Hodges tried to get his P-51 off the ground but it nosed-over.

Marshall Stanton flew his 1/6th scale cub and an Aeromaster (bi-plane) with a .78 Fox providing the power.

Perry Crowell (new member) flew his electric sail-plane.

Andrew and Bob Hathaway flew a control-line plane a few times.

Bill Basgall showed-up to give moral support to those who braved the windy weather.

Bruce Dalton came to enjoy the day and to converse with friends.

Toby Viles, a former member who lives in Topeka dropped-in to visit with his friends.

Kevin Schafer flew his trainer a few times with a buddy box and landed himself for the first time in a perfect example of how it is done.

Thanks to Larry Geiger, for sending in these great pictures from the event. If anyone has additional pictures that should appear here, please submit them so they can be added.




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