Report on the September 8, 2012 Fly-In

The Smoky Hill Model Flying Club Giant Scale Fly-In, held on September 8th attracted pilots from the area. Twenty-six persons paid a registration fee, but that did not include several local club members who chose to devote their time to making certain the event was a success. Pilots came from as far west as Plainville and as far east as Marysville. Several came from Topeka and Wichita. Visitors stood along the fence, wandered through the airplanes, sat on the bleachers and in their cars to watch the air-show.

Brats and dogs, grilled to perfection by Al Reynolds were served with sides of salads, beans and cookies washed down with cold pop or water. Bill Burrows and friend provided acoustical music during the lunch period with a mandolin, guitar and harmonica. This treat surprised and delighted the pilots and others who shared the lunch.

Although a count was not made, about 50 airplanes were displayed and flown. Several aerobatic planes performed their maneuvers, Dusty scattered all mosquitoes by running his smoker on the ground as well as in the air, and Art Klenda received cheers after a successful landing of his massive 50% scale bi-plane. A visiting pilot's Gee Bee racer was likely the snazziest plane on the line. A beautiful Beech Super 18 twin engine plane caught the attention of everyone throughout its take-off, flight and landing. Brought by John Dalton of Topeka, it showed flawless workmanship with a shiny aluminum-colored skin that included facsimile rivets.

An early-morning and noon treat was slow fly-bys of an ultra-light brought from Marysville. Powered with a 32 horse-powered two cylinder, two-stroke engine, the owner-pilot made hedge-hopping look easy. In a private conversation he reported that he had flown RC twenty years but that the ultra-light was easier to fly.

Throughout the day the Kansas State University-Salina Command Trailer was on display, hosted by a KSU-S student. The feature was a fully-equipped Unmanned Aerial Vehicle used to train students at KSU-Saline in piloting, maintenance and utility.

The mid-afternoon drawing created considerable interest with two beautiful planes as prizes as well as 23 gifts from Dusty Murray's hobby shop. Both planes were won by persons who have an interest in RC but aren't pilots. One has built several RC planes but needs someone to help him learn how to fly. Both now have an incentive to gain the knowledge and skill to fly. Several club members encouraged them to start with training planes and develop their skills before taking-on flights with the advanced models represented in the raffle prizes.

The YAK was donated by Cricket Anderson of Smolan following her husband's death in November. He had won the plane in 2011 and started to assemble it. The Cassette was scratch-built by Don Moden and donated to the club. Don removed the radio and a Zenoah 80 engine before donating it to the club.

In mid afternoon, Club Vice-President Jon Thompson, did a distant slow fly-by in a Skyhawk in which he was giving lessons as a part of his KSU-S program. He is now a Certified Flight Instructor.

By 4:30 many pilots packed their gear and headed for home. By 6:00 the field was cleared and only memories of a great flying day remained.

--Respectfully submitted by Club President Marshall Stanton

Thanks again to Larry Geiger, for sending in these great pictures from the event. If anyone has additional pictures that should appear here, please submit them so they can be added.

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