Control Line Fun Fly 2012

On June 10, 2012, The Smoky Hill Model Flying Club hosted a C/L Fun Fly. The pictures tell the story, the wind did blow. Gusts were well into the 25mph and up range. Four people flew multiple flights, in spite of the wind. There were a few damaged planes but nothing serious. In addition to the fliers, several club and family members also attended. There was much discussion under the picnic shade. Jim Kraft handled the sign up sheet. Bob and Andrew Hathaway put out the signs, and set up the pit area. Art Klenda ran the grill at lunch. Dustin Murry and Don's Hobby Shop donated the brats, hot dogs, chips, and condiments. Bill Basgall, and Al Reynolds, were instrumental in the preparation of the field, mowing and watering earlier in the week. Kevin Schafer was also present, and assisting.

Jim Lee came over from Topeka, KS and flew a few times, including a flight on his Otto the Gyro. Otto is an unusual model, with a free wheeling rotor that acts as a rotary wing. Jim has been flying the autogyro regularly since 1975. He also brought a variety of his handy, custom machined tools and accessories, but didn't set up his mobile shop due to the wind.

Marvin and David Denny came up from Wichita and Potwin, KS, respectively. They both flew a Skyray 35 a few times, until a rough landing cracked the fuselage.

Andrew Hathaway put up a scary flight on his Bi-Slob, followed shortly by an ill-fated flight on the 16 year old, Red-White-Blue Ringmaster, and a few flights on the Nemesis combat plane.

Teresa and Matthias Shadle made the trip from Clay Center, KS. Teresa's father was Dale Kirn, a renowned C/L flyer from the area. He was known for flying monoline, as opposed to the typical two wire control systems most used. Teresa had flown monoline speed in the past, and came out to spectate and potentially try flying again, however the wind prevailed.

Thank you to all those from out of town, for coming out and flying in the wind. Hopefully next year we'll have better weather. Thank you to all the club members who attended, and volunteered to make the event possible. Thank you to Dustin Murry and Don's Hobby Shop for providing the lunch. If anyone has additional pictures that they would like to appear here, please submit them so they can be added.




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