Control Line Fun Fly June 8, 2013

On June 8, 2013, The Smoky Hill Model Flying Club hosted our second annual C/L Fun Fly. The day started off nice with only a soft 15mph wind. Andrew and Bob Hathaway got in a few flights on a Skyray 35, before Jim Kraft arrived and put in a few flights on his spark ignition Atwood powered Super Zilch. Jim Lee arrived from Topeka around 9AM as the winds began to pick up, and Bill Burrows pulled in shortly after.

Andrew Hathaway flew his Voodoo vintage combat plane a few times, coming short of the 100mph goal, but getting closer. The increase in wind didn't stop Jim Lee from putting in a few flights on his Skyray 35. After the engine quit, Jim gave a display of unpowered wind flying, which included several dead stick loops and lazy eights. Bill Burrows braved the wind and put in a very successful flight with his Ringmaster. Andrew Hathaway made a few final flights on his old Bi-Slob.

As the day went on, the wind increased to 27mph gusts. Several flights were flown in spite of the gusty wind, and no planes were damaged. Winds in the pit area blew everyone's planes around, and tipped chairs all day long. Around 1PM everyone packed up, and the Fun Fly was finished.

Thanks again to the club volunteers that made the event happen, and our guests that came from out of town to join in the fun. With luck next year the weather will be even better.




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