Control Line Fun Fly - June 7, 2014

On June 7, 2014, The Smoky Hill Model Flying Club hosted our third annual C/L Fun Fly. The weather forecast a few days before the fun fly predicted 80% chance of rain, and thunderstorms. The morning of the fun fly, the forecast changed to "thunderstorms". The day started off with cloudy skies, occasional sprinkles and light breezes. As the day progressed, the clouds gave way to sunshine and the wind picked up to around 14mph. Altogether it was a very good day for a fun fly, quite the surprise given the forecast.

Bill Burrows and Andrew Hathaway arrived at the field around 7:45AM. Doug Burright from Wichita pulled in while we were opening the gate. Bob Hathaway and Jim Kraft showed up a little later, followed by Gary Mondry from Wichita. Many flights were made, and a variety of planes were flown. Jim Kraft flew his spark ignition Humongous a few times. Doug Burright flew a variety of models, from a Sterling Flying Fool bi-plane to a Shark 15, and an All American Senior. Gary Mondry put a few flights on his modified ARF Flite Streak before putting a few flights on a Shoestring Big Goodyear racer. Bill Burrows flew both his Ringmaster and PT-19 ARF. Andrew Hathaway flew a variety of vintage combat planes, and his Primary Force ARF.

What looked to be a gloomy day, likely to be spent hiding from the rain under the shelter, turned into a beautiful day of flying. A good time was had by all, and several spectators enjoyed the show.

Thanks again to the club volunteers that made the event happen, and our guests that came from out of town to join in the fun.




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